Thursday, October 22, 2009

The hunters and the hunted...

So my husband announced his intention of going hunting (deer/gun) this year.........and bringing our seven year old son with him. Okay. I trust my husband with Grant, but more than that, I trust my God with my husband and son. He justified my trust last weekend.

I had my own share of adventure during the two days they were gone. My dear friend was moving and I wanted to help, my best friend from Alaska was visiting, etc. I prayed for my boys whenever I thought of them which was often, even in the night.

They returned safe and sound and I rejoiced. I knew that they were up about 45 minutes north of town and that they were sleeping in Dave's van. Apparently I wasn't the only one who figured this out. On Saturday night Dave woke up at about 2:30 in the morning and heard people talking outside the van. There were several (a car-ful) of men trying the doors, banging on the windows, etc. Dave realized that it was pitch dark, he had no idea where his weapon was, and it wasn't loaded. Grant slept peacefully. Dave's pulse raced as he peeked out the windows trying to decide what to do. Suddenly, one of the guys gave a yelp and took off full speed for their car, they all followed suit and jumped in, peeled out, and took off. Perhaps they didn't know there was anyone in the car, perhaps they saw an angel. Either way, God was absolutely taking care of them Saturday night and Sunday morning....

Hiking up they came across a pool of fresh blood and a dead bird. They stopped to check it out because it seemed odd that just the head (all but the beak) had been eaten and not the body. They kept hiking for about 15 minutes then turned around. When they got back to the bird there was only some bones and intestine left. Dave thinks a cougar hid when it heard them coming and then came back out and finished it's meal.

And God was here when my two "R"s got a hold of red lipstick and the white cat on Tuesday and I had to cut chunks of lipstick out of Ivanhoe. I know God was here because Rowan and Rose are still alive and that is supernatural in itself.........

Anyway, my boys are out again and my prayers flow freely. Will you add yours?

Monday, October 5, 2009


I marvel at people who tell me to enjoy these baby years "because they go so fast". Fast? Are they serious? The endless days out at sea with only diapers and jars of baby food. The flu that turns into an ear infection. The diaper rash that sticks closer than a brother. The nights I stumble out of bed for the fourth time trying to remember what room the crying child is in. The days of holding and wiping and kissing and laughing and crying and repeat cycle....forever. Or so it seemed.

Today Rowan turned four. Rowan, who didn't talk for the first three years of his life. Rowan, who caused me more tears and stress than I care to admit. Rowan, who taught me how to fervantly pray for my children. Rowan, who now calls me "mommy daaaarrling" and tells me he's going to marry me when he grows up.

And now I hold his sturdy four-year old body in my arms and I realize that the baby years are fading.......and they went too fast.


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