Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Welcome Home

We spent 3 grueling days moving all our belongings from one town to another.
Actually, we had movers, and I can only imagine how exhausted they must have been after our move because I was exhausted and I didn't actually lift anything.
When I told them Dave decided not to take the pool, one of the movers actually thanked Mary.

Avonlea played for the movers as they worked.
Mom showed the movers how to blow the Shofar. She told them scornfully, "THIS is what you are going to hear when Jesus comes back NOT trumpets."
I'm glad she set them straight on that point. Hopefully it made the back breaking 3 day move worth it to know what musical instrument to be listening for.

Day after day we unpacked. How in the world had we accumulated so much stuff! A third of it was re-gifted to the antique store or the thrift store. The other two thirds (which consisted heavily of books) was slowly distributed through our new home. I have a bathroom cupboard filled with books. However, there are still 9 boxes of them up in the hall that stick their tongues out at me when I go past.

I had noticed this house for sale in the fall. I noticed it particularly because it had a garage apartment and we needed a place for mom. I had told my realtor that we were interested in going to the open house on a blustery Saturday in December. Then we prayed. "God guide, please."

This is Ma Glo's house above the garage. She makes everything lovely.

When we walked into the house out of the storm, an agent we had never seen before, greeted us with these words, "Hello Dave and Annie. Welcome home."

We stood there dripping in the entryway with our mouths hanging open like fools. Apparently our realtor had told this agent that we might be coming by and they took a gamble and called us by name.

 The first room we walked into, when we recovered from our surprise, was the office. I looked around and then I looked at Dave and said, "This is the room I've always dreamed of." It was smallish but beautiful, with cherry bookcases and a built in desk. There was a fireplace surrounded by green marble. Cherry wood is my favorite type of wood and green marble my favorite stone.

After that initial viewing there were two months of praying and talking and debating before we made an offer. Over and over we prayed, "God we want what you want. If this is it, please show us." And He did. And we are still a little stunned. It's such a good gift and we are so undeserving. But He's a good Father and He knows that if His gifts were based on our merits we'd have nothing.

So all we can really do is say "thank you" in our words and actions and thoughts.
We can say thank you by standing in the entryway and opening the door, by calling people in out of the storm, by calling people by name. And mom can teach them how to blow the shofar.

Welcome Home!


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