Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Christian Barbies, Bandits, and Nameless Hamsters

If you've been waiting for a hamster update, here it is.
We love our hamster.
I'm not sure it's reciprocated, but we love him. Or her.
I am just calling him "hamster" because he/she is currently unnamed.
He was named Dumpling until I heard Rosy introducing him by saying, "This is our hamster Dumping."
She can't manage the "l" and I can't manage without the "l" so it is now just "hamster".
Grant really wants to name him Aragorn, but I can't manage that either. No resemblance whatsoever!

Anyway, in other news.
Rosy has a favorite song that she sings at the top of her lungs whenever it comes on the radio. It is entitled, "I Want To Live With Abandon." I thought this was very fitting because she does live with abandon. But as I listened closer to what she was singing, I heard this, "I Want To Live With A Bandit." Which I suppose would also be living with abandon. When I tried to correct her, Rowan piped up, "Yeah Rose, it doesn't say bandit. It says Band-Aid."
At which point I turned to the classical station.

Barbies have been boycotted at our house for several years because Rose plays rather scandalous stories with them (we have a Ken, who I believe is at the bottom of all the mischief). But somehow or another Rose talked me into letting her have some up at the cottage. I had Avonlea and her friend put duck tape swimsuits on them all and I thought all scandal would end with the duck, so to speak. I was wrong.
Two week ago when we were up at the cottage, Rose and I went for a walk. We rambled side by side on the trail above the woods and she said, "Mommy, I played a Christian story with my barbies today."
"Good Rosy, I'm so glad you're playing nicely." And then I had to clarify. "What exactly do you mean by "Christian"?"
"Well remember that story you read us in the Bible last week about David and Bathsheba?"
Duck tape was my only consolation at that point.
See what I mean about Ken?

Rose told me today that God has asked her to be a missionary to Africa. When I asked her where in Africa, she replied Turkey.
Either God has some geography issues or Rose needs her ears cleaned out.
Remembering the bandit incident makes me lean toward Rosy's ears.
But I'm thankful that she's called to be a missionary because it's so Christian. And because I don't think there are any barbies in Turkey (but there might to bandits).

I will leave you with a SMALL sample of a group of pictures I found on my camera.

I think maybe God's calling me to Turkey, Africa.


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