Friday, January 15, 2010


The reasons for caging Posy no longer exist. The fumes obviously got to her in a big way because she participated in Rowan's game of barbershop. His play went as follows: sit Rose on an ottoman in her room, tell mom we're having a tea party, tie a piece of toilet paper around her neck (personally I thought this touch rather ingenious), tie a blanket over that, find a sharp scissors (one out of mommy's sewing box will work seeing as she never uses it), and CUT off every trace of blond hair you can get to without injuring Rose and thereby incurring intervention.
I know it will grow back but even buckets-full of luscious hair couldn't erase the mental picture of her newly shorn.

We were at a loss for punishment for Rowan because he brought her to me and presented her with the air of a creator gloating over his masterpiece. Begrudgingly I must admit he did a fairly decent job (thank you friend who suggested that this might lead to career options).

We always have the choice to laugh or cry at our children's shenanigans. I did both, which I believe to be a relatively safe option.

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