Saturday, April 17, 2010

Soul Origami

Did you ever feel that the wide expanse of your soul was taken and with a few tucks and bends made into a new shape? A particularly useful shape perhaps, but not one that even vaguely resembled the original expanse. The far flung passions and arts that I love have been deftly folded and formed into the shape of wife, mommy, teacher.
Last night Dave let me yank and unfold and open up the soul. I smoothed the creases and I remembered who I am. Who I was before babies and home-schooling and allergies. Who I still am underneath the folds but often lost in the origami creation. We laughed at the wild days. We marveled at the carefree lifestyle we thought would last forever. We traced the defining moments that skillfully made the tucks and edges that would change everything. And we dreamed. Not dreams for our children but dreams just for us.
And my soul was fully aired. Washed in the flow of ideas and hung to dry in the sunshine of communion.
This morning my littlest boy climbed into bed, held me tight, and whispered, "You're just the best mommy in the world." My big boy lay cupped in my bent legs. My husband's curly head rested on my shoulder. My girls ran in and climbed aboard. And somehow, I found it very easy to let my soul slip back into the shape of wife, mommy, teacher because I knew a very skillful Hand had created this origami design just for me.


  1. Great Post, I loved it and know just what you mean!

  2. Annie! I just discovered you here! Nourishment to my soul! I'm hooked . . .



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