Sunday, September 4, 2011


I think I'm in denial.
Denial that it's September.
Denial that school starts in two days.
Denial that a full arsenal of lessons and co-ops are aiming straight at us.

Last week I pulled my comfy outdoor recliner into the sun and laid down. The neighborhood was quiet, except for my own kids, and I took a moment to listen to their sounds. The boys hammered on a boat of their own creation. Rosy, clad in her hot pink swimsuit, talked to the frogs of bugs and beetles and the summer sun. Avonlea, whizzed by on her bike, stopping every other minute to pet a cat.

I was deeply appreciative of the moment.
The mundane moments of living life that are truly not mundane at all.
But I only saw it for what it was because I stopped and looked and listened.

I need to face the fact that it is September.
Acknowledge that school starts in two days.
Thank God for the opportunities my kids have to learn from others.

I need to stop and look, because when I do, gratitude claims me.

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