Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I Do Best

This thread of thought started at the beach last weekend.
Dave and I were at the outlet mall and we wanted to try on some clothes in Old Navy. The guy in charge of the dressing rooms gave us a room together. This was a little awkward. Not that we don't dress together in the same room at home...but this seemed so....weird. Anyway, Dave tried on a shirt and pants. He took them off, put his own shirt back on, put his coat on and started for the door. He had forgotten his pants. He stopped himself in time, but I was in hysterics.
That night when we were telling our family the story, he said, "I only do these kind of things when I'm with you!"
Now, I suppose I should be grateful that he doesn't traipse scandalous without me....
I proceeded to tell them about the time when my friend Sarah sat and watched me burn all my old letters and journals. I was burning them in a metal pan and the metal pan sat on the linoleum. A fireplace stood about 5 feet away from me. When I went to pick the pan up, I couldn't, it was burnt to the floor. As Sarah and I scraped the pan off the linoleum with a knife I asked her why she calmly sat there and watched me do such a thing. She said, "It's like my brain turns off when I'm with you."
I leaned forward in time to catch Avonlea's comment on this story, "And we're with her all the time."
This week I've thought of lots of times when, yes, I was with friends and their brains turned off. I have been laughing all week. I suppose I always just thought this was the natural state of their brains, but now I know, I was the cause.
I have yet to fully comprehend the implications of this in regards to homeschooling my children. It could possibly explain quite a bit.
So know this, if you are my friend, YOU ARE AT RISK FOR BRAIN MALFUNCTIONS.
Many of you know this already.
I am sorry, but you must admit, it's made for some really good stories.....

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  1. Exactly! The brain turns off! That explains the whole "oh, your hair is still in teeny-tiny cute little twisted buns" blunder. I'm now off the hook. It was your fault all along.



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