Monday, April 16, 2012

Rose is Five and has Hair

This is Rosy and Bridgette.

When Rose turned one, we took her to the American Girl store to pick out a baby. Picking out, at one, means grabbing one and slobbering all over it. She slobbered on this one. Dave named her Bridgette. We joked at the time that Bridgette and Rose looked like twins. Bald heads, bitty nose, blue eyes.
Bridgette gets kissed at night and tucked in next to her mother Rose. Bridgette gets all the perks that come with being the baby's baby.
The night before my baby turned five I went into her room to kiss her before bed. She was already asleep, black fringe laying on white cheeks. I kissed her and Bridgette and then I had a bitter thought. They don't look alike any more. Rosy's eyes are green. The cartilage of her nose has taken definite form. She has hair.

I couldn't help it. The tears started, splashing all over Rose and Bridgette. I kissed them one more time and went to bed, they were only a little damp.
I don't usually cry at birthdays...but when your last baby turns 5.....

Daddy and his girl.

Birthday kisses!

My Rose!

I love happy kids!

By morning my tears were gone and the day was spent celebrating life! After all, it's pure joy to watch Rose matter what, I'll always have Bridgette.

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  1. Happy birthday to Rose! I love watching her grow through the pictures on your blog, I cannot believe she is five :)



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