Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Home Tour

When I was first approached about doing the Holiday Home Tour I thought, no. NO.

But as Dave and I prayed about it, we felt God say, yes. YES.

Our home certainly needed no praise, but what about the God whom this home represents? Could opening our home to the community bring Him glory? Yes. YES.

Hundreds of people came through on Saturday and Sunday. Hundreds of people that I poured tea for while my children served cookies and played instruments. Dave kept the conversation lively. Rose produced laughter and stories.

Friends helped serve and friends prayed for us and friends lent me teapots and musical children and aprons.

And we heard so many people say, "You feel the love when you walk in this home."
That's Christ in us, loving others.

Never by our own strength, or savvy, but only by His grace.

A man commented that we went over and above what was required of us for the home tour. All I could think of was the verse, "Let no debt remain outstanding except the continuing debt to love one another." Really, we can never go "over and above" God will have always, always, given us more than we can give to others.
And now my friends, I must go open my closets where everything I own is stuffed. I posted these pictures so that you could enjoy the home tour and see my house clean and decluttered, because you probably will never see it like that again.

Messy or clean, may God always be glorified in this home.



  1. Lovely! Sorry I missed it in person!

  2. "Do you take cream or sugar? . . . 1906 . . . they're 12, 10, 7 and 5 . . . no, I'm just a friend . . . . Oh -- 5 and a half. Thank you, Rosy." Such a blessing to see the Lord use your home in the community :).

  3. Yes, the love was very, very evident . . . your home smelled like . . . Jesus :D

  4. It turned out beautiful! Wish I could have come through :)



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