Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh Wow.

We headed up to the cottage last weekend to relax.
My definition of relaxation differs slightly from my husbands.
Dave towed the trailer behind our van so he and the boys could pile in all the metal they've found around the property.
Saturday morning dawned gray and dreary but that didn't daunt them. Or me. Avonlea and I armed ourselves with stacks of Victorian magazines and cups of tea and relaxed to our heart's content. Dave and the boys collected their metal, running in every now and then to gloat over some big find.
"Mommy! Mommy! We found the hood of a car!"
"Oh wow." Flip page, sip tea. "How exciting."
The day waned and late into the afternoon Rowan came running up to the house. The door opened quickly and I got ready to say, "Oh wow."
"The car is falling over the cliff Mommy."
He had the door closed again before I could respond. I spent a moment in sympathy, the boys would be sad if they lost all the metal from the car hood, but whatever. Flip page.
The door opened again almost immediately, Rowan again, "Oh yeah, Dad says to pray."
Really? He wants me to pray for a car hood? This annoys me a little and I have trouble getting back into my magazine.
Ten minutes pass in the peaceful bliss of mother and daughter sipping and flipping.
Then Rowan's back, "Mommy, daddy wants you to come push the car."
I wake up rather suddenly and say, "What car are you talking about Rowan?"
"Our red van. Daddy drove it over the cliff trying to get the metal."
Coat and shoes were the work of seconds and I bolted down the access road. And there it was.
Our van at a 45 degree angle. The two driver's side wheels off the road. Dave was plying the shovel with a will, trying to get ground under the tires.
"Could you push the front while I put it in reverse?" he asks.
I push with all my little might but don't even budge it.
"Sweetheart, you wouldn't by chance have the parking brake on?" I gotta ask.
"Oh, oops."
I push again and it starts moving, but that only aggravates it's precarious position.
Rowan screams, "Daddy get out! It's going to flip over!"
It doesn't, but Dave gets out.
I start having creative solutions zinging through my head, probably because of the magazine/tea combo of the afternoon.
But no, it was not to be.
Dave called a tow truck and the boys were enthralled with the winch system.
The tow truck was free since it is a NEW van and still under warranty. Who knew that warranties cover ditches and bad back-ups and metal?
The boys got the trailer filled and took it to the metal yard today and had a great time.
I also had a great weekend and have learned that there is really nothing to make you appreciate quiet, creative moments with your daughter like having to interrupt them, to push a van up a steep hill. In the rain. With the parking brake on.
My definition of relaxation differs slightly from my husbands.

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  1. Ooooooooh. I was really hoping that in all the excitement of the moment you had somehow managed to take a picture.
    But my mental image is probably frightening enough.

    Reminds me of a terrifying 4-wheeler incident involving MY husband and cliffs. Eek.



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