Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beauty Enough

We went up to the mountain on Friday night. We went to see the orchard in bloom. Because I really don't know of anything more beautiful then an ocean of blossoms lapping the shore of a mountain.
The bee keepers had delivered bees last week. Those are the bees in the crates below.

Grant and Rowan found watching bees to be quite fascinating.
Until one thought Rowan's head was a flower.
And got mad when it wasn't.
Hence the hoods.

The orchard is guarded by two incredibly large dogwood trees which joined the bloom party while we were there.

Dave took the kids to the lake on Saturday. They saw a trout in the water and got really excited. Grant ran back to the car and Dave supposed he had gone to get the net to snag the fish. In reality, he had changed into his swimsuit. Before Dave realized what was happening Grant had dove into the water and caught the fish with his bare hands! We fried it up for dinner. Grant was proud.

This next picture is of my beloved island. It also has joined the bloom party and is carpeted in bleeding heart and curly little ferns. Indescribably beautiful.

My favorite moment of the weekend came when I was on a hike with Rowan. Traipsing a trail, we stopped suddenly at the faint sound of music. Sneaking closer, we saw Avonlea playing her violin to the birds. I sent Rowan back for the camera and I watched my daughter interact with nature. She had hummingbirds humming along above her head. She had a frog at her foot that she swears was croaking in time to the song. As I sat there amazed by this unusual sight, the actual song started to seep into my consciousness. She was playing a song I had written to my parents. It's a song of the children rising up to bless the parents. The blessings I vocally articulated 20 years ago were now blessing me. A generational blessing.

There was so much beauty that I simply couldn't catch it all.
An exquisite moon rise.
A bon-fire under a hundred million stars and my husband's arms around me.
A windy day that blew the cobwebs out of my soul.
A work party to earn money for missions. Kids working hard so they can go share Jesus with others.
Rosy on the swing under the dogwood, flying.

There was for once, enough beauty for my soul. There was even some to spare.

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  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful words. I almost can't imagine the smell of the blooms and the green with all the snow and mud that is still covering everything here. I love the picture of all the kids with the fish, I'm sure not just Grant was proud:)



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