Monday, October 21, 2013

Do You Ever....

Do you ever have those moments in life that are symbolic of a whole era?

For my highly romantic late teens/early twenties I often read poetry.
In a bubble bath.
By candlelight.
Once, I splashed upon an amazing poem while soaking in my parents home. I began reading it aloud. I was so caught up in it's imagery and beauty that I was shocked back to earth by a knock on the door. I was also shocked by the fact that I was standing naked, dripping wet, on top of the toilet. Beauty transports and transcends apparently. I rallied only enough to murmur, "Yes?"
My dad's voice, "Is everything okay?"

That moment symbolized a whole stage of my life that was impulsive and lyrical and sweet. And I recognized it for what it was and tucked it away to remember always.

And so today, again, a moment packed with symbolism. An era defined in 5 minutes.

My day was a battle, and like a pro I attacked whatever came at me with enthusiasm, barely identifying it before laying it low. Mondays are kinda like that, only the fittest make it to Tuesday unscathed.

So I was down to my hour of afternoon-school with Rowan and Rose. I lit into Bible and geography and impoverished people groups. No problems, no tears. Moving onto science. Alright, an experiment comparing the saliva of Rowan and his dog. Okay, wooden collection thingy in one hand Petri dish in the other.
"Open up Rowan."
Done. Troop outside to find Gypsy.
We head down to Mom's, thinking maybe she got out of the gate down there. We march down the street onto the sidewalk of a busy road calling for the dog.
At that moment it was as if someone knocked on the door.
I took inventory.
I had on yoga pants and perhaps an apron. I had nothing on my face except a thick layer of aloe vera and my glasses. I was walking up a busy street carrying a Petri dish in one hand and a wooden collection thingy in the other. I was followed by several children.
Mad scientist?
Pied Piper leading with a Petri dish?
Escaped home-school mom?
All of the above?

And I recognized it for what it was. A moment that defines my life right now. Leading, yelling, laughing. Looking for something I can't find. Holding something hilarious in my hands.
I tucked it away to remember always.

I went home and put on make-up and a neighbor brought Gypsy home.
I met Gyp on the porch with a wooden collection thingy in my hand.
I annihilated the science experiment with a deft swipe and went in to brown the beef.


  1. This is just delightful. I'm so glad I'm not the only one to have a "standing-naked-on-top-of-the-toilet-naked-whilst-reading-poetry" phase. ;)

    1. Good to know I wasn't alone. Kind of.

  2. Tucked away with memories of Venice . . . we need it all, don't we? :)

    1. (That would be Julianna :).)

    2. You're certainly covering the bases with what you have tucked. I know it's you!



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