Friday, February 14, 2014


Rowan met me, with big shining bright-eyes, at the bottom of the stairs one morning several weeks ago.
"Rowan," I gasped, "what's happened?"
"Well mom, I led Gypsy to the Lord this morning."
Gypsy is his 1 1/2 year old dog that he loves like kin.
"Really Rowan? How?"
"Well I snuggled up with her in her kennel and I asked her if she wanted to become a Christian. She said yes so I told her about Jesus and what He did for us. Then she prayed with me. After that I said, 'Gyppy you're going to Heaven!' and she started barking strangely."
"Wow Rowan."
"Yeah." Huge smile.

At breakfast Rowan repeated to the kids what he had told me.
He concluded with, "Yep, Gypsy's a Christian."
Grant, the skeptic, replied, "I'll believe it when I see changed behavior!"
Which really showed me that he gets this whole salvation thing. Grant had more to contribute to this conversation, "Uh mom, why are you acting like Rowan's all cute for praying with Gypsy? When Avonlea and I led Lancelot (Persian cat) to the Lord and we asked to have a tea party to celebrate you said animals don't go to Heaven and can't experience salvation."
"Oh really? I don't recall that." Can you say 1st child versus 3rd child?

But Rowan, full of the joy of leading something into glory, had the last word.
"Yeah, and when we go to the beach next month, I'm going to baptize her!"

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