Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Building to Last

In 1908, when our house was being built, the owners put up a little, temporary house to live in.
It didn't have a foundation or a real roof.
It was never meant to be lived in long term, only until this house was built.
But somehow, it was sold, and for the last 60 years a married couple lived in it.

About 3 years ago, we were given the opportunity to buy it, as it adjoins our property.
We couldn't believe the conditions that the elderly couple had been living in.
Looking in from the front door.
These pictures were taken last fall.

Every floor was crooked. Ah, foundations do matter.

The chimney had fallen in without a proper roof to hold it up and withstand moisture. Ah, the roof is essential for protection from the elements.

When we asked HOW? WHY? this couple had stayed and lived in this hovel, the wife said,
"It was all we knew."
Living in a place that was never meant to be lived in. Staying, because it had become familiar.
I sympathized.
But I knew there was potential for more.
So this June, we did it.

Because sometimes you just have to start over.
Start right.
Put in a foundation that lasts.
Put up a roof that protects.
Build for life.
So we are reclaiming this property.
We break ground in a couple months on a garage/apartment.
We are building a shelter to last.
And then I'm going to decorate.

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  1. Ah, this makes my heart sing for so many reasons! Love! And can't wait!



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