Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My parents were both teachers, in Pennsylvania first, then later in the bush of Alaska.

My brother is a Professor at Penn State.
My older sister teaches in a christian school in Oregon.
My little sister is getting her Masters in library science.

It's just in my blood. Like varicose veins.... only better. This beautiful job of shaping and helping and learning and teaching all mixed up together.

And I suppose since I've been harping (no pun intended) on my children's passions I should share one of my own. I love to teach. I love the planning, the organizing, the accumulating, the interaction. My husband looked at me when I said this once and replied, "you know you're not normal don't you." My friends, passionate people are often misunderstood.
I feel a little shy about writing too much about home-schooling here because that isn't the purpose of Dusk. little ones and I decided to share a blog dedicated to the passion of home-schooling. Avonlea and Grant are going to post their writing assignments which usually make me laugh (and sometimes cry). And I am going to try to answer the questions that I find myself asked.....often.
Our blog is titled Starlet School. Our verse is Phil. 2:14-16, you know the one you always squirm when you hear, about not complaining so that you can become stars that hold out the word of LIFE. Well, we are certainly not stars yet, but when tadpoles grow legs but still have a tail they are called froglets (I know I'm mixing passions at an alarming rate, forgive me) therefore we decided that we were starlets. Hence, Starlet School. What a beautiful opportunity it is to train our children to hold out the word of LIFE. We have true, amazing, abundant life and this is the heart of passionate teaching, to put our children in contact with the throbbing heartbeat of that LIFE. The Giver of all passion. Passion Defined.
So........get ready for some fun!

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