Monday, August 2, 2010

Passion #2

Boys and their frogs...........

You've heard of swimming with the dolphins....this is swimming with the frogs.....

Sit Fatty. (I didn't name him).

Medium size frogs in their aquarium.

I was going to post a short clip of Avonlea playing her harp...but I realized that I haven't related any one's passion pursuits but hers! So....we have Grant....eight years old and passionate about frogs. Yes, frogs. He has loved them for years, carried them around in his pocket, fed them by hand, caught thousands of bugs to feed them, and lost many, changing the ecosystem of Camas forever. So this year, being my year of encouraging my children's passions, we set up three aquariums. One really big one for his huge frog that they found camping in the gorge. (Dave and the kids were camping, not the frog.)

Then we went to a local park with a marshy pond. They waded in and got about 25 tadpoles and some froglets. Watching them grow was almost as fun for me as it was for him, they're so cute. They filled aquarium number 2.

We also received about 8 medium sized frogs from sympathetic grandparents. Those frogs reside in aquarium number 3.

He also has an aquatic frog, from a friend, in a groovy aquarium up in his room.

All that equals........lots of frogs of all different shapes, sizes, and colors. It also equals a very happy little boy who is learning to create natural environments, to study what he loves, to work hard cleaning cages and finding food, and to find endless enjoyment in God's creation. He also has an area of expertise now which has given him confidence. He's introduced countless adults and kids to the wonders of frogs, "do you want to hold one?"

Grant has always liked frogs, but in coming along beside him and determining to delight in what delights him, his passion was validated. I don't know how long this passion will last, but it won't outlast my passion for him and the things he loves.


  1. Great post!! I remember Grant's love for frogs well!! =D

  2. Be thankful its not snakes or spiders.

  3. gunnars passion is crabs. good thing we live near puget sound that is littered with crab parts :)
    love the post :)

  4. Hey Grant- What did one frog say to the other frog?

    "Time sure is fun when you're having flies!"



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