Sunday, October 31, 2010

In which we become disallusioned...

My daughter wrote a somewhat amazing story last night. She wrote it "for adults with children 3-11."
My goal in homeschooling is to put Christ first in every thing we do. I am obviously failing. She showed very clearly how she views my priority list. She also very aptly described what happens when my priorities get off. The title says it all:

Tea Is First
by Avonlea
For Adults with children 3-11

When you get up to teach your children math, chemistry, and other school books, does your mind wander? Do you long for a cup of tea? If so, put whatever you're doing down, get up and brew your favorite tea. When you come back down this will probably be what happened:
Preschool: "Mommy!" (relief)
Kindergarten: "I need help."
1st grade: "I can't do this."
2nd grade: "I don't understand."
3rd grade: "What?"
4th grade: "Mmmmm?"
5th grade (me): "Can I have a cup of tea?"

If so, quietly put down your cup and say the first letters of their names. This will amaze them and quiet them hopefully.

NOTE: Next time have tea first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Point made. Hint taken. I leave the room for my tea and chaos ensues. If I stay put, there is peace and maybe I won't have to subdue them by saying the first letters of their names!

Avonlea wrote me a poem a few nights ago with the couplet;

"I love to kiss your lips,
even when they're not smiling."

She certainly has a gift for getting to the root of things........and of loving me anyway.

Tea anyone?

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