Friday, December 16, 2011


I wrote this post last year and took it off after a couple of days because I got some flack from readers. However, this anti-Christmas attitude is growing and people are trying to dodge consumerism and "pagan celebrations" by not celebrating at all. Not celebrating Christmas and consumerism are two sides of the same coin. If Satan can't get us to celebrate the wrong thing, isn't it just as good to make us not celebrate at all? So I'm reposting my thoughts on this issue....

I run with an interesting crowd. My friends bake their own bread, nay even grind the wheat to bake their own bread. Most of them home school and use eco-friendly cleaning products. Some wear jumpers. Grain soaking is popular and so is classical education. Children toting instruments is not uncommon.
I can comment on this because I am a part of this group (minus jumpers). Rather than criticizing, I usually say, "teach me!" (I failed at Keefir 101. Do you bury cultures that you murdered?) There has been talk on the fringes, however, that puzzles me more than grain-sprouting does. I'm hearing anti-Christmas talk. Now, I absolutely know that commercialism is a big no-no. I realize that Christ's coming is the goal for first place in most Christian homes, the coveted center stage. However, I've been involved in some interesting conversations about the reasons not to celebrate Christmas. Instead of enthusiastically jumping on board I hesitate.
I've found myself in situations where I assume that everyone is excited for Christmas. And they aren't. Christmas has turned into a consumer nightmare.
Jesus wasn't really born on December 25th and many of our rituals connected with Christmas are pagan.
These are some reasons that I've heard for snubbing Christmas.
I don't have a controversial bone in my body. I hate to debate. I hate to argue. I can almost always see another's viewpoint and put myself in their shoes. Empathy makes me very hesitant to ever take sides.
Watch my split personality.
By all means celebrate Christmas! Celebrate the forerunner event of our salvation. Celebrate a chance to lavish and bless others even if you must be creative to do so. Jump at the opportunities for good-will and charity that present themselves at this time, and do it in His name, for His sake. Light a candle with your family at night and read an advent reading. Make His coming real! Make His coming joyous! Put up a tree, look at it often, and remember what it stands for, that the limbs will be hewed off at Easter and the trunk formed into a cross. Let your babies play with the Nativity pieces until they are familiar in their hands, cupped promises tangible. Give your children good gifts and remember that God is the ultimate gift giver. Hang up lights and remember that He came to be the light of the world. Revel in the reminders everywhere of the reality of Jesus. When the cashier says "Happy Holidays" smile and reply "Merry Christmas!" Because.....

If the Christians don't celebrate for the right reason.......who will?

Celebrate! Rejoice! Sing!

Forgive me if you don't agree. Tell me about it and I'll be empathetic.

I have to go soak my oats and teach my children Latin.

PS I should emphatically state that almost all of my friends celebrate true Christmas. This is my reaction to whispers I have heard and conversations I have had that left me dissatisfied.

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  1. I love this and I LOVE you! I've told you that I read your every post (often through tears-you're amazing with words my dear) haven't I? I'm so sorry I missed your birthday and that we haven't seen each other for so long. I'm fortunate enough to have this blog to FEEL somewhat connected to you and yours anyway, but it certainly doesn't beat the real in-the-flesh kind of connection! I know this time of year is especially busy, but let's try to not let January pass us by without a face to face meeting. Ok? Merry CHRISTmas to you Knoedlers!



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