Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sometimes I remember...

Sometimes I remember.

I remember that I am a continuation of someone.

The source of the spring called "me" began long ago and far away.

I look at the place I occupy now and find it absorbing and it somehow nullifies the past by it's "nowness".

I have always been a wife, mother, teacher.

I have taught ballet at Friday School forever.

I can't recall how it felt to cook with gluten.

That's not the truth.

But I forget it's not the truth.

Tonight as I looked out the window to the balcony I caught a reflection.

It was a reflection of our bedroom.

Over our bed hung a sun and moon mask from Venice.

It's a symbol of dusk.

The calm luminiousness of the moon uniting with the blazing passion of the sun to form a union of moderation; peace.

I used to expand on this theme, every relationship had a dusk, I believed. The passion of personalities finding a safe haven of acceptance. The melding of spirits to produce beauty. The Venn Diagram of life.

I discovered all this while running around Europe.

I was in those days much more the beaming sun than the subtle moon.

I was impulsive and a little, well....wild.

But I was not finished.

God has worked and whispered and sustained and I am changed.

I lived today on fast forward. My full concentration was in the moment and the next moment, I did not once look over my shoulder, until tonight....

When I caught a reflection of the sun and moon that have given theme to my life.

Then I remembered.

I remembered that I am a continuation of someone.

And I am still going...

And this is good....

Because I'm still a little wild.

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