Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some Reasons

I have four very good reasons for loving motherhood.

There are benefits I never expected. Private harp concerts for instance.
And more, little fingers holding mine. A five year old boy who likes to 'splain things to me.

The opportunity to become a referee. Daily.

Wonderfully entertaining dramas put on by little daughters.

Bearing witness to sibling affection and love.

Holding a Rose asleep, petals closed up tight.

Savoring the mommy moment.

We know how to love because He first loved us.
I have two dear Mothers who also loved me before I had my own children to love and showed me the path plainly. The path of sacrifice and prayer and laughter.

Thank you Mom and Ma Nancy.

My children spent the day picking out flowers and creating little gifts for me and I shook my head in joy. They don't understand that there is nothing more I could possibly want, I have them.

They made me a mommy, and that will always be gift enough.

Thank you my babies.

I love you.

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