Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pictures and Laments

I am extremely random today.
So much so, that while talking to a friend on the phone this afternoon she voiced the question, "How much tea have you had today?"
Rose and I butted heads in school this morning.
We had company this afternoon.
Dave went and picked up our beef for the year at the butchers and I messed up the order.
I forgot I had a dentist appointment tomorrow.
I don't know where my mother is.
Dave tried to have a bon-fire with the kids and almost set the yard on fire and I didn't really care.

We were at the cottage for a week between Christmas and New Years. I did nothing there except play with my husband and children, take walks outside, and eat chocolate croissants. I had no phone and no computer. I loved it.
I came back to this world, the weight of it's responsibilities, and it's been a shock, like the cold water that shoots out of the shower when you're expecting it hot. I know the hot will kick in eventually and a nice warm temperature will emerge and I'll be comfortable again.
For now, I'll leave you with pictures of our season and family.
Good night!
Rosy racing

Grant and the last kitten

Ready for presents!

Avonlea took a picture of me having tea on Christmas

I took a picture of Avonlea playing the harp on Christmas

Our family dinner

Amy and Avonlea

New dresses for the girls

My cottage breakfast

The girls room in the cottage

Avonlea relaxing with the kitten

Tea in the cottage den

Orchard with light snow

Our creek!

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