Monday, May 28, 2012

Pictures of Vacation

As I've stated several times....we started this crazy habit with Avonlea of letting our children pick somewhere to travel to for their birthday every five years.
This year we were a little surprised to find that Grant turned 10 and Rose turned 5 within months of each other. They both had the privilege of picking a vacation spot and they picked places with 20 minutes of each other. God is merciful. Amen?
Rosy wanted to pet a dolphin and Grant wanted to go on rides and see Lego creations.
San Diego here we come....
Rosy getting her wish

My kind of ride

All legos!

Star Wars legos were the highlight


Nights around the fire, telling tales


The house we rented had an awesome pool

My girls dancing on the beach. Really.

Gathering seaweed kept them busy for hours.

Avonlea loves boogie-boarding

It's not a two piece mom. Really.


And we came home to these little things...

Dave and I have followed this vacation pattern for years. In the daytime we go somewhere fun, do something active and different. At night we come home to a place that's inviting and cuddle round and tell stories. Their little bodies are weary, there minds are open to wonder, their hearts are filled with the joy of family, it's a prime time for parents to impact. Dave and I spent these nights telling the kids their stories. Outlining the pictures in the collage of generations. Showing God's hand through it all, guiding along the curves, leading back to His path. We give them a sense of belonging to a bigger story. A sense that their lives are precious and important to Him and that He has a great work to do in and through them. Then we tuck them in and I stand in the hall and sing to them.
And the last thing they remember is their mommy's voice...praising God....
This is my definition of a good vacation. 

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