Saturday, May 9, 2015

One Day More

One Day More is my favorite song on the Les Miserables soundtrack. I suppose I love it because my husband cannot help but belt it out when he hears it, even if we happen to be at the dinner table. The kids inevitably join in and I feel for a brief span that I AM LIVING IN A MUSICAL. Then someone always spills something or falls off their chair or does something equally non-musicalish and the spell is broken. But I tasted Broadway in that fleeting moment.

I also like One Day More because it is TRUE. Each day, is a story in itself, yet is connected to so many other stories all with a huge over-arching theme. I sang it this morning as I cut the butter into my scones. "Another day, another destiny, on this never-ending road to Calvary..." Yes, I am on the road to Calvary, dying to self, living to God. 

A friend wanders in, just as the scones come out, and we walk a bit of the road together. We love each other so we share the burden of this life together. We lighten it with laughter and buttered scones.

When she leaves, I go out to garden and battle the morning glory. Flowers that grow Heavenwards choking everything they climb. I find them very deceptive and take unholy joy in following them to their roots and annihilating them. I come upon a patch of ground which I recently rid of crab grass. Lo and behold, there are flowers growing in the cleared dirt. I only thought as far as the weeds, but flowers were just waiting for a chance, waiting to grow and bloom.

One Day More I am blessed to live this life of mine. This messy life in which the resemblance to a musical lasts approximately four seconds. But I am alive. I am healthy. My husband and children are very close. We have food on the table and tea in the pot. A fountain harmonizes near by and Rosy is playing Doe a Deer on the piano. A half grown dog cocks her golden head at me. I have time to notice these things, to pay attention to the road I'm walking. The scenery won't always look like this, it's constantly evolving, but this road, this life will always be worth noticing.

"One Day More, another day another destiny........."

So I continue to encourage singing at the table, weeding, and baking scones because they all add beauty to this path that is my life. And I thank God for One Day More, because really, all this, is way better than Broadway.

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