Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Spring comes to Parkdale: By Avonlea

Isn't that gorgeous? That is my intro to a long train of pictures from Parkdale (these pictures up above aren't from Parkdale).

Note Bald Butte in the window's reflection. We hiked to the top on Sunday for the first time.
Dad's tractor which he loves and which we have to rescue every time he uses it (it stops working).
One of the many nests we would find. This one is in the open barn.

A chickadee's nest in that tiny hole in the tree.

A robin's nest in an old orchard tree.
A Towhee's ground nest.

A warbler's nest. I didn't get to see exactly what kind.
Grant found my camera while I was gone and proceeded to take some crazy photos of himself.
Bonfire time!
Another picture of fire. I know. But fire comes in so many shapes and sizes.
Having fun at Parkdale!
Meditate in sun on kayak with dogs at Parkdale.
Do you see what I see?
  I wrote this with the intention of posting it on Starlet School blog (the adjoining blog to Dusk) but I accidently wrote this on Mom's blog. I'm the oldest of her four children. I'm fifteen and I love nature.

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  1. Avonlea, those nest shots are amazing! I can't believe how consistently you're able to not only find the nests, but get close enough to snap a shot . . . complete with darling little eggs. You must do a lot of climbing, hovering, and craning of the neck ;). Nice work!



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