Monday, February 1, 2010

Grant is 8!

The loving little voice arrested me as I walked out of his room last night.

"You're the best mommy in the world." Sigh. "There just couldn't be a mommy better than you."

"And you're the best Grant."

I wander out into the hall and leave him drifting off to sleep in a cacoon of down. I ask myself the question I've been asking for eight years now; what did I do to deserve this child? The same answer echoes down the eight year long corridor; absolutely nothing, he is a gift from God.

Grant is sensitive, affirming, frog-obsessed, faithful, and funny.

He speaks life into me.

At 3, Grant got out of bed and came downstairs to hug me again at bedtime. He gave me a big hug and kiss and said, "Mommy you're just a comfortable shirt!"

At 4, Grant got into bed with me and stroked my face and said, "You're a good little mommy...and always very curious!"

At 5, "I'm going to marry you when I grow up."
"I'm already married to daddy honey."
Long pause, "Who do you think will die first?"

At 6, "Mommy you always smell like tea. That's because you're Anne of Green Gables."

At 7, "Mommy, God really appreciates you."

"You're one of the good guys mommy."

"You're full of laughter mommy."

"Mommy I love you so much I'm afraid you're going to explode with my love!"

It was a realistic concern. Every day these love words pour forth and I am so blessed and so thankful for Grant.


  1. Happy Birthday Grant! You're a sweetheart and I so enjoyed our visit in September. Let me know what books you are reading!
    Love you dear,
    Aunt Karen (aka: (another) bookworm!)

  2. Happy 8th birthday! The pictures are great.

    Friends forever,



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