Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I love telling people that Dave and I met, "on a street corner in London" because it's true, but it's also romantic. We were stopping over in London for a few days on our way to Bible college in the Lake District. Bible College in a castle. I love that chance (or God) had it that I should go out with the "Portland group" to Hard Rock Cafe and Buckingham Palace one September evening. Walking home from Buckingham Palace, I had two choices of pedestrian companions. I chose Dave first. I matched his stride, smiled my most charming smile, and appealed to his wit. An angler couldn't have cast a more perfect line, but he didn't bite. I saw him swim glibly by, a silver flash in the moonlight, with apparently no interest in the bait. The second pedestrian proved more appreciative.

Fast forward to Valentine's Day at the castle. I have met four beautiful princesses and we love being naughty. A male friend hides us all in the closet in the men's dorm room. The "game" is that the guy who knows we're in there will ask the other guys what they think of us without them knowing we're there. Scandalous, I know. Many guys got asked many questions that night and half the answers made us indignant and the other half made us laugh. But when we finally escaped, (we hadn't thought about how we were going to get out without them seeing us) we all agreed on one thing. We liked Dave. He was the only one who weighed his answers. The only one who said nothing unkind or too kind.

Fast forward to Valentine's Day 2010. I have two beautiful princesses and two handsome princes. I don't live in a castle but I'm a daughter of the King nonetheless, and I am married to one who weighs his answers. When God spoke to him and said, "Will you do as I ask, and invite that headstrong, artless, mirthful girl to spend life with you?" Dave said "yes" and I got the shock of my life. (I'm pretty sure Dave's shock was considerable as well.) We revel in the fact that God chose us for each other. I certainly didn't "catch" him on my own merits, although he is much more appreciative of my bait now!

Thank you God for my husband!

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  1. Love the story! God is so good to care for us and His ways are better than ours!



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