Thursday, July 29, 2010


As we drove home from a friend's house this afternoon we were held up by a flagger. The kids watched the big trucks dig and rip and tear into dirt and asphalt. As the man turned the sign to the "slow" side and we began to crawl, Avonlea remarked, "Wow! That was a real destruction zone!"
I smiled and was about to correct with a "Con, Avonlea, construction," but the words stuck tight in my throat and I looked again. She was exactly right. The beauty, tranquility, ease, that had been on the tree shadowed road were gone. They were destroyed and all we saw were the wounds gaping. Destruction.
I think back over these past weeks, about the bad news and bad situations that surround us right now. All I see is destruction and I weep for what was. But God is in the construction business. He is able to create life and beauty from nothing, from chaos, from destruction.
I'll wager that those workers today knew exactly what they were doing. And what looked to me like senseless destruction was merely the first stages of creation. The ground work of wonders. The foundation for miracles. A reason to hope that something better is on the way......

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  1. is, it is...and hope cannot dissapoint



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