Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cat Update

For those of you who have gnawed your nails to the quick with anxiety over our infertile cats....relax. There is a plan in action.
Our girls went into heat on Sunday (ahem, our girl cats).
I called a friend and asked her to help me in the kitties hour of need.
She asked if I wanted her to bring her tom cat or alcohol. Both?
(She actually only had cooking wine on hand and the vintage was questionable)
The first attempt to bring her tom cat failed. He fled; terrified. Avonlea remarked that he would have been glad to come if they would have told him that two girls were awaiting him.
The second attempt was successful and they brought him over on Wednesday morning.
I'm not sure if it's because Mr. Tom is the cat of a home school family, but he appears to have socialization issues.
He wants nothing to do with my voluptuous Persian females.
We put kitty treats around the girls, appropriately labeled "temptations." Nada.
Perhaps he feels inferior because he's not a Persian?
We've tried to talk him through this misconception. He's a gorgeous cat and will be a worthy father. No Go.
So we've kinda concluded that maybe it's the 6 pairs of eyes peering at him that's intimidating. So we're giving them their privacy. And praying.
If this doesn't work....
....I won't even let my mind go there.
I'll just be thankful for a friend who still loves me even though I ask to borrow her cat.
I'll focus on the anticipation of kittens......

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