Monday, July 25, 2011

From Behind the Waterfall

Last week a friend reminded me of the analogy of tapestry, or needlepoint.
How we see life from the back of it, knots, frayed ends, a NY interstate system of disorder and confusion.
But God sees the front of the design, the picture, the ordered beauty.
This week's "church in the woods" gave me a glimpse of God's side of the canvas.
We hiked the Columbia Gorge this Sunday and found a waterfall tucked up in the cliffs.
The front of Ponytail Falls was lovely, a sheen of water with gray rock behind.
To our delight, the trail didn't continue in front of the falls, but went behind it.
And, oh, the view from behind the waterfall!
The surprising overflow falling from above, the Columbia River beyond framed by verdant summer trees, and the sun which was now in front of me rather then behind.
And I know that too often, I see life from in front of the waterfall.
Dappled light at my back, something pleasant in front of me, enough to be satisfied.
But when I reach, stretch, go a little further in faith, seek a new angle of understanding, I am amazed that sometimes,
He lets me see something more.
So this summer, I venture beyond safe and satisfactory, to see what life holds from a new angle.
To see what view greets me from behind the waterfall.

Here are some of my favorite summer views so far:

Posy loves her baby dolls.

Rowan wrote Pa Jim a story for his birthday. Apparently it was funny.

Avonlea did her sister's hair and took pictures.

The tree house, getting there.

A Dave size slip and slide. My husband never does anything small.
Did you know dish soap will enhance your slip and slide experience considerably?

Two teeth this month!
So thankful!


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