Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random Pictures on the 4th

It seems that kids and kittens still want to be fed, even on the fourth of July.
This is what I came downstairs to, mouths waiting.

The kids played and worked hard all day and the energy level amazed me.
The boys banded together and asked their dad to build them a tree house. He consented and took them to the hardware store to get materials. He worked on it all day for them, and they were there much of the time to pass him supplies and shake his ladder in fun.
Rowan claimed his independence on Independence Day by losing his first tooth. Literally.
Grant eventually found it under the picnic table.
He gave the same cry as Grant when he realized it was gone, "I'm not Peter Pan anymore!"
Then he buried his bloody, ketchuped face in my shoulder (might I add that I was wearing a white shirt).
He emerged victorious from wrestling the demons of "growing up."
 He smiled his gap for the camera.
Rosy and Rowan with cute and scary. 
My patriotic crowd.
Dancing around the strobe light firework (Yes, I know that's not what it's really called).
Between losing his tooth and setting off fireworks, Rowan was extremely affectionate.
Mom was loving it.
Four very smoky, smelly children were sink bathed and tucked into bed while the sky continued to explode thanks for a country that honors freedom.

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