Saturday, July 10, 2010

Redefining Rest

One of my favorite parenting privileges is listening to my children define words. The meanings they attach to vocabulary is often insightful and humorous.
For example a small Avonlea defined obedience to the cat, "Obedience means you have to do what I say because I'm taller than you."

So today the three youngest swim in the pool and I watch them; my mind swims in it's own pool of obligations and responsibility.
And I think, Okay, 5-day club next week, 2 weeks of swim lessons, basketball camp, trip to Alaska.......this is going to take me way into August. What about school preparations for next year? When am I going to REST!
Grant's words coincide with mine, "Okay! Now rest!"
All movement in the pool stops and my mind pauses with it.
Posy has her eyes closed.
Grant instructs, "No Rose, rest doesn't mean you curl up with your teddy bear and go to sleep. Rest means you go with the current."
What did he say?
"When I yell 'rest', it means you just relax and let the current take you."
Ahhh rest aptly defined by an 8 year old. I need to quit fighting valiantly against the flow and relax into 5 day club and swim lessons and basketball camp. I realize that this is the only summer I will ever have with a 3,4,8,and 10 year old and I don't want to spend it going against the current, or curled up asleep with my teddy bear. I want to spend it with them, enjoying the things that bring them joy because that is true rest, trusting that where God has us right now, is just where we're supposed to be.
Okay! Now rest!

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