Tuesday, July 6, 2010

La Pine....Where a kid can be a kid

After a fun-filled week of VBC...I needed a rest. Dave's parent's cabin always provides that...

.... for me. The kids however get a bundle of old-fashioned fun. Sack races.........
and ferris wheels. Rowan got a batting helmet free at a garage sale and wore it everywhere causing people to pity him his head injury.

Train rides....

and watermelon eating contests. Dave didn't stand a chance even though he had many more teeth than the La Pine competitors.

The High Desert Museum boasts a living history area complete with laundry lessons. Thank God for modern technology!

There were hours spent playing outside, target practice,

and riding the ATV or as Rowan calls it, the GPS.

Every day ends like this, dirty and tired. Isn't that what being a kid is all about?

Rowan wanted to tell me about his ATV ride with Daddy where he saw mountain lion tracks. He is so expressive....I wonder were he gets that?

I absorbed two and a half good books and got lots of rest. LaPine is such a blessing. Thanks J and N!


  1. Sounds wonderful!! That video of Rowan was awesome!

  2. Love that kid! He is hilarious!



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