Monday, July 26, 2010


My steps slowed as I approached the wash line. Then they stopped altogether.
"What in the world?"

We had our first swim lessons this morning. All four of the kids swam. I sat on the bench, solo. Anyway, we were running late and so I asked Avonlea and Grant to run the sheets down to the clothes line and hang them up. I threw on a, "Be sure they're not touching the ground!"

Four hours later I walk down armed with another load of sheets and find that the first load still isn't dry. Taking my caution very seriously they wrapped the sheets around the line, cinnamon-roll like. No white wonders waving in the wind, just various sized albino wasp nests. The Gordian knot might possibly have been harder to unravel, but I have my doubts.

You may remember that in December of last year I had a piano lodged in my kitchen for quite a while. Convenient if you get the itch to play chopsticks while making chinese, but in all other ways, quite a bother. We had another piano incident this weekend. Our friends down the street decided to buy a piano that was for sale in front of a house. So they called and asked if Dave could come help them move it. It was on wheels. Dave went to help the guy, and the gal and her kids came over to hang out. While we were discussing contentment our husbands were rolling a piano down the street, that is, until the wheels burned off. I should of guessed that would happen because the very same thing happened to my luggage wheels in London. Anyway the piano sat on the sidewalk for about 24 hours and then was rescued.

Some things you just have to try to know that they aren't going to work out. Laundry can't be dried rolled up on the line. Pianos are heavy and hard to move and sometimes they end up in crazy places. Our lives are lived, in part, by trial and error. Circumstances happen, information is vague, there are gaps. But isn't that what keeps things interesting? Somehow, my soul delights in the unexpected, the laundry hives, the stray piano, the deviations of mundane.


  1. Have you been reading Wodehouse? You make me laugh :).

  2. My sister shared your blog with me. I do not know you nor have I ever met you. But Vicky is Gloria's friend and I have seen your wonderful home from the street.

    Having read most of your entries now I felt I must tell you that had I read your musings when I was a younger mom I would have been a more tender one at times. My own daughters are now 20 and 25. Thank you for the God given insights and for sharing them with others. They are encouraging and so enjoyable.


  3. lovely post on the beautiful complexity of everyday life :) Hope everything is going well, I love reading about your encouraging and entertaining life! Can't wait until the day I'm able to come through your area and get to see you again and meet your Rose and Rowan. xoxo


  4. Julianna, you know me too well!
    Kathy, it's so nice to meeet you, if you're in the neighborhood again, stop in!
    Whitney, when are you coming to visit me?! I miss you!



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