Saturday, January 29, 2011


It's been an aging week.
Not a week in which I aged alot but...
A week in which I realized how much I've aged.
My sister became a grandma this week...
My mother became a GREAT grandma this week...
Making me Great Aunt Annie...which sounds like something out of a horror movie.

Rowan got angry at me on Thursday for denying him jelly beans.
He stomped out of the kitchen and muttered, "Big old mommy!"
One minute he's swearing to die by my side, the next he's casting my age up to me under the influence of jelly bean depredation.

A dear friend knit me a shawl for Christmas. I modeled it for my husband and he said I looked just like his kindergarten teacher in it. I dimpled for a moment, and then I asked, "Not your Kindergarten teacher that was 80?"
"No, she was only 70."

I was haunted by dreams last night. Reams of reels of my past, and in every single one, I was young. Now I realize that I am comparatively young. However, 17 was twenty years ago....and I liked 17.

We went to a wedding today. The slide show at the end always swells my heart to overflow. They were just babies! Who's letting these babies get married! It dawned on me that one day it will be our family pictures flashing over the years.
Avonlea in her Raggedy Ann costume.
Grant's toothless grin at six.
Rowan and Rose snuggled up with the cat.
We knew no one at the reception except the bride and groom, and they were busy. So I sat and I thought and a little Rowan came and laid his head on my lap. He spoke my heart, they happened to be words that we heard in a song on the radio as we drove there, but they were still my heart.
"It happens in a flash, mom."

And I thought of my little flower girl, my niece, who just yesterday sauntered up the aisle before me, and is now a mommy.
Making my sister a grandma...
Making my mom a Great grandma...
Making me Great Aunt Annie...

Which actually kinda has a nice alliterative ring to it.
I suppose I'll grow used to it after a while...
Or maybe, it will happen in a flash.

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