Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Unlikely Trio

She started my day with a laugh.

I had to ask her, for the thousandth time, "How did you get so cute Rose?"

She replied solemnly, "It was just an accident mommy."

Tonight I went up to kiss her, and spider-like, she wove herself into my arms. "Tell me about Jack and the Beanstalk mommy!"

I cradled her, my last baby, and began, "Once upon a time...."

She interrupted, right around the golden hen, "Mommy, I see the light in your eyes."

"It's just a reflection of the lamp lovey, listen......"

Yes, the light shining through me, this love and joy, is just a reflection of a much greater light. When your long limbs make it impossible for me to cradle you any more, the God whose light I reflect, will cradle, and His stories will be much more original than mine.

I wind up my tale, "So the beanstalk fell down, down, down, and the giant landed far away in another country."

"And he died mommy. He went up to Heaven to be with the big bad wolf and Pa Greg."

She ended my day with a laugh.

And this is life, sandwiched between laughter......

Cradled and loved in reflected light......

Delighting in the story......

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