Thursday, January 6, 2011

Silent and....Sweet?

I've been trying not to complain lately, but the truth is....I'm so much more interesting when I vent. I'm slowly learning to hold my tongue and it's very say the least. Tonight for example....I was at worship team practice and a new guy asked me a question. An obvious question I felt, he asked, "Do you like this sort of thing?" Being inclined towards transparency, I looked at him not altogether kindly. (Why would I be there singing for hours on a Thursday night if I didn't like it????) Anyway, he replied (to my look), "Well I don't really know you at all. We've never had a conversation." I so so so wanted to say, "Oh well I can just tell you that I'm really nice. And cute. And I'm funny. And I like to sing which is why I'm at church for hours on a Thursday night." BUT I DIDN'T. I said nothing...several times over.

When Avonlea informed me on Monday that she forgot how to multiply and divide over Christmas break, and as a finishing stroke told me it was my fault because I gave them three weeks off instead of two (!!!!!!!!!!!!) I thought of several things I could utter. BUT I DIDN'T. I said nothing...several times over.

When my mother told me my new coat looked too small............

I could go on.

And I will. There are two situations frustrating me right now.

Situation One: I am trying not to drink tea because the caffeine is bothering me. I don't like the taste of decaffeinated tea and I'm not fond of herbals. I miss floating through my house with my tea cup in my hand. I miss the sweet tasting warmth of tea. I miss the unmistakable air of a tea party that pervades and enlivens my life. I feel ugly without a tea cup. Is this too much information?

Situation Two: We have five Persian cats. Three of them have been mating for a YEAR and we have yet to have kittens. The vet suggested a gene specialist in Portland take a look at them. Do people really do that? All this mating with no reward! The yowls and stances that jar me.....for nothing (in my opinion, I'm sure Lewis would argue this). Every time one of these furry felines walk by I cringe, hope deferred personified.

All this without a husband here to soothe and comfort! Dave is working long hard hours and I miss him. And I suppose that is why I'm sitting here talking to a computer.
This probably isn't healthy.
I vented and now I will go saying nothing.........several times over.

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