Wednesday, February 16, 2011


To make a long story short....we have more cats than we know what to do with.
We started out with Ivanhoe, a Ragdoll breed. We loved having a big fluffy cat around so....Dave and I decided to breed Persian cats. Avonlea and Grant would be responsible for the care of the cats/kittens, and they would get the sale money to put toward college.
We bought a calico Persian (Lancelot) to be the male stud.
Lancelot, unfortunately had a defective jaw which was pronounced hereditary. He was not a good stud. We had him fixed and kept our eyes open.
Six months later we found Lewis, a Turkish Van Persian. Dave fell in love with him and we brought home a new stud.
Now all we needed was a woman. We found a cattery on Craigslist and went for a peek. We impulsively came home with two females, Guinevere and Jane. Let the kittens begin!

Lewis was kept in a cage (it was roomy) in the basement and whenever the girls would go into heat, we'd throw them in. After a year we have yet to have kittens and Lewis has been labeled, "infertile."
We now have five cats and our children have no college plans.

The three males have taken up residency outdoors.
They look lovely out in the snow this morning. Picturesque.
Life doesn't always work out just the way we planned. As I have previously stated, "life is a broken banana." In this is infertile cats...really fluffy infertile cats.
But those fluffy infertile cats happen to be my children's best friends.
We sift through the frustration and find the joy.
After all........there's nothing like a purring cat in the night......
(Unless, of course, it was a pregnant purring cat....)

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