Monday, February 14, 2011


He crawls into bed at 4am.
He had been out doing pole lights for 8 hours in the cold and rain.
The shock of his frozen body entering the bed chills me awake.
I put my hand out, the cold goes through me with a jolt.
I scoot closer and wrap myself round, wishing I was bigger (not a common wish for me).
I offer the warmth and comfort that he, this hard working man, provided.
He's asleep almost instantly.
Only a mumbled, "I'm so cold," escapes before he's gone.
I try to will him some of my warmth and take some of his cold.
It's a puny small exchange for all he's given me.
This man who goes out in the night and lights up dark spots.
This man who has explored every crevice in my heart and illuminated any shadows.
This man who has led our marriage to the foot of the cross.
This warmth is so little, but I gladly give it.
I fall asleep radiating love.

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