Thursday, February 24, 2011


I made Rosy change out of her summer dress this morning.
She was going to play in the snow and thin cotton wasn't going to cut it.
I told her to pick out something else.
She yanked open a huge drawer, square area larger than herself.
It was stuffed from recent outlet store binges.
Her eyes roved the contents and she said, "This isn't enough for me."
I started to laugh at the ludicrousness of her comment, but it choked in my throat.
I thought of some things I've asked for recently.
I thought of my roving eyes and how in so many words I've said it too.
"This isn't enough for me."
Did God manage a chuckle?
I'm so thankful for the reminders that He gives.
So thankful that I'm growing up in Him, part of His family.
I dressed Rose in a red velvet dress with white snow flakes on it, bundled her up and sent her out.
I dressed her appropriately-warm for the falling snow, beautifully-because I love her, and tenderly- because she's my precious little girl.

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